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Referral Network, Inc. is designed for the California licensee who does not wish to pursue a career in real estate sales. The Department of Real Estate requires that all licensees receive compensation through their Real Estate Broker. Being a member of RNI allows you to legally be compensated for business you have referred. After completion of the sale, the receiving Broker pays RNI and RNI cuts a check to you as your Broker.

As an RNI member, you work exclusively in a referring capacity. There is no need to pay membership to any Realtor association, pay MLS fees or desk fees of any type. To become a member, you must hold and maintain a current California Real Estate License and you must also complete all required continuing education and license renewal. Once you join RNI, your license is placed in an “active” status that allows you to legally be paid for referred business with RNI as your Broker.

To download the information regarding renewing your CA RE license, click here

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